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Spotify’s CFO Is Leave The Company After Sell $9 Million In Shares

Spotify’s CFO Is Leave The Company After Sell $9 Million In Shares

Spotify’s CFO Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming service, has announced that its chief financial officer, Paul Vogel, will be leaving the company next year. The news comes just days after the company revealed its third round of layoffs for 2023, which affected 6% of its global workforce. Vogel joined Spotify in 2016 as the […]

Ways to Make Planner Stickers By Yourself

Ways to Make Planner Stickers by Yourself

Planner stickers are like tiny bursts of joy that brighten up our daily routines. Whether you’re a seasoned planner enthusiast or just starting out, creating your own stickers adds a personal touch to your planner. Let’s explore some delightful ways to make your own planner stickers at home! 1. Design Your Stickers Free Online Software […]